Project Consulting


Technology waves are impacting and shaping organizations in a profound way. ProActive’s consulting team helps manage these waves by understanding your needs, evaluating your current environment then researching and recommending solutions for optimal outcomes. 


How would you like to pick up the phone and say, "I'm adding a location/ need to upgrade/ adding software or hardware. I need you to handle it." That's what we do and we'd be happy to work with you, from assessing to designing and building your IT infrastructure.









Network Assessment


 A Network Assessment is an overview of what you currently have in your network, from servers to switches to devices and their connectivity. Networks are assessed at the beginning of a new Managed Service Plan relationship or when you are considering a change or introduction of new technology and need to understand your needs. A completed Network Assessment includes:


Network and Computer Equipment inventory

Site configuration information

Network Drawing

Follow-up discussion regarding findings and recommendations








Risk Assessment


If your business needs an internal vulnerability analysis, ProActive can pinpoint internal weaknesses related to environmental, human or facility risks. We can offer solutions to remedy findings through training, policy and procedure, and network recommendations.


Many companies have unique privacy and government compliancy requirements such as HIPAA and Meaningful Use Attestation. ProActive can offer consultation to support your unique needs.








Network Security


Your business is faced with the challenge of maintaining an efficient workflow while also meeting technical requirements that ensure the confidentiality, availability and integrity of your data.

This involves data/user authentication, data encryption, firewalls and other security measures to prevent security breaches, viruses and attacks to your data. ProActive has the experience needed to navigate the complexities of network security and determining if your network has any vulnerabilities. Our solutions are designed to increase your productivity while protecting your data, so you don’t have to stress about regulations and security requirements.








Network Design


ProActive can be the architect for your IT infrastructure, from considering a change in technology or expansion to a new location.  Based on your budget and goals, this customized roadmap will give you a clear path to ease the stress associated with network upgrades and give you peace of mind. A network design plan is created as part of Project Consulting Services.