FITS: a complete, turnkey IT management solution that handles virtually all small business technology needs. With predictable pricing to fit dynamic budgets, FITS is a full suite of common IT services offered at a single price point. It’s the right blend of IT services a growing business needs to manage and access critical business applications and services.

Offering “set it and forget it” convenience, performance and protection, FITS achieves business objectives through improved productivity, greater system and data security and reliability, reduced operational downtime and lower IT costs.

Reduce costs, improve productivity, encourage staff collaboration and get comprehensive cybersecurity protection!

The FITS Advantage:

• Ease of management

• Predictable and affordable monthly investment for the most common IT services

• Highly available and scalable IT infrastructure with secure, reliable access to data from any device

• Secure staff communication and collaboration

• Assurance of key IT regulatory compliance requirements for various industries

• Full system backup and recovery services

• Full IT infrastructure and maintenance support

FITS makes complex IT simple, flexible and affordable.

FITS addresses these important

technology concerns: