• Cindy Farmer

Why Healthcare Organizations Need Professional IT Support

Updated: Feb 12

According to HIPAA regulations, documentation related to HIPAA must be kept for a minimum of six (6) years past the last effective date. Additionally, any device that accesses personal health information must be secured in the same way as devices inside a practice.

To be in total compliance, organizations must also:

  • Appoint a Privacy and Security Official (this may be the same person)

  • Create Documented, Communicated, and Enforceable Policies and Procedures

  • Maintain Documentation of Compliance with the HIPAA Rules

  • Conduct Compliance Training

Lastly, to be HIPAA Compliant, organizations must Engage Professional IT Support.

Without professional IT support there is no way for any organization to truly know if there have been any malicious attempts to gain access to the network or patient information. In today’s very connected world it is of the utmost importance that every medical practice work with a professional IT group to ensure the security of their network, computers, tablets, devices and most importantly, patient information!

It might be time for your organization to get secure. If it’s time to seek some advice from a professional, start here.

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