• Cindy Farmer

Upgrade Your Backup Solution

Updated: Feb 12

Backup and backup often. Test and re-test to ensure everything is getting backed up. But what if you don't have enough space? With so many employees, departments and files to preserve, you may be running out of backup capacity.

What's the solution? Expand your backup solutions so you know that you have enough bandwidth and space. Make sure you have both a fireproof local solution and online solutions, such as, cloud computing or co-location services, and that they have plenty of room to grow. By extending your IT infrastructure with solutions to ensure on-demand performance for all applications, you'll extend the life of your network and improve your disaster recovery plan.

With end-of-year budget money available, now is the perfect time to increase the amount of storage you have so that all business critical data is protected and available when you need it.

If you're running out of space and you need some advice from a professional, start here.

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