Concerned about internet security?

Recent hacking scams and data breaches of large organizations like Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center have dominated the news, so you may be thinking about the importance of keeping your company's information safe.

Introducing ProActive's System Management Services (SMS). SMS provides the day-to-day management responsibilities of your computer systems and functionalities as a method of improving operations and staff efficiency. Our goal is to detect, protect, prevent and resolve common network and system threats before they happen.

What does SMS provide?

  • Microsoft & third party software updates

  • Server & desktop management

  • Mobile device management

  • Anti-Virus software

  • Anti-Malware software

  • Critical outage notifications

  • Secure remote access support capability

  • Web filtering

  • Hardware & software inventory management

SMS reduces the burden of day-to-day IT management. Contact us at 804-897-8347, we'll safeguard what's important to you.

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