Avoid Getting Locked Out By Locky

Locky, a relatively new ransomware, has been spreading rapidly by adding a .locky extenstion to and encrypting the files on vulnerable computers. The extension makes the files inaccessible and, like other ransomware, victims have to pay to get access to their files.

If anyone with administrative rights is logged in and gets hit by ransomware, it could result in a lock-out. Businesses have a lot to lose if their files are locked and cannot be recovered.

Locky infection ransom demands vary between 0.5 to 1 bitcoin (approximately US$210 to $420). Usually, infection is seen through spam email campaigns that look like invoices.

Tips on protecting files from ransomware include:

  • Backup regularly and keep a recent backup copy off-site. If a computer does become infected with ransomware, files can be restored once the malware has been removed.

  • Always keep security software up to date.

  • Don't enable macros in document attachments received via email.

  • Delete any suspicious-looking emails.

  • Don't give more administrative rights than needed to get the job done.

  • Consider installing the Microsoft Office viewers to inspect documents before opening.

  • Keep operating systems and other software updated.

Combat Locky and other ransomware attacks with ECHO -

a complete backup solution to recover stolen files

ECHO goes beyond traditional backup and recovery services. Offering comprehensive system replication with data assurance, ECHO will backup, restore, test, demonstrate and refine processes to reduce business downtime.

For more information on how ECHO can protect what's important to you,

contact us at 804-897-8347 or askus@proactive-info.com.

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