Humans are Human

Humans are human, after all. Humans make mistakes, make bad choices and sometimes just want to inflict pain. Threats from human acts are a common business vulnerability which include:

Vulnerability Sources Risk Factors

Inappropriate Activities Wasted resources, abuse of privileges and access

Illegal Operations Theft, vandalism, sabotage, external attacks from malware/viruses

Accidental Acts Errors/omissions, misplaced/stolen equipment

In your operational risk analysis and to help reduce risk from human threats, the following areas of vulnerability should be considered:

Areas of Risk Possible Remedies

Facility Access codes, locked doors, lighting, audit reports

Environmental Surveillance, ID tags, off-site backup

Hardware/Software Firewalls, anti-virus, managed updates, screen protection

In the event of a threat from a human act, the goal will be to get your business back to normal as quickly as possible. After a human threat, ECHO connects the dots for disaster recovery planning. To reduce business downtime, the ECHO business continuity process will back up, restore, test, demonstrate and refine processes.

ECHO goes beyond traditional backup and recovery services.Through integrated testing and virtual server solutions, ECHO is a disaster recovery solution providing comprehensive system replication with data assurance.

Small business and enterprise packages available. For a comprehensive risk assessment,

contact us at 804-897-8347. We'll safeguard what's important to you.

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