Naturally, Avoid These Threats

Natural disasters, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes or storm damage play a significant role in bringing down an entire city. These threats are unpredictable and devastating to humans and businesses alike.

Essential to a business' ability to get back to normal operations, the following safeguards should be in place:

  • Emergency operations plans

  • Off-site backup

  • Disaster recovery plans

In the event of a natural disaster, all that's lost may not be able to be recovered. But for a business utilizing the ECHO business continuity process, information will be backed up, restored, tested, demonstrated and processes refined, allowing for a quicker return to business operations.

ECHO goes beyond traditional backup and recovery services.Through integrated testing and virtual server solutions, ECHO is a disaster recovery solution providing comprehensive system replication with data assurance.

ECHO connects the dots for disaster recovery planning

Small business and enterprise packages available. For a comprehensive risk assessment, contact us at 804-897-8347. We'll safeguard what's important to you.

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