Networks at Risk: A Ransomware Tale

It's not safe out there. Hackers are lurking and just waiting to strike your computer network. When they do, they will make it very difficult to retrieve or even access your files.

An increasingly common threat to business systems, ransomware takes a computer network hostage. Unless you have the proper security measures in place, it will demand ransom to release the files. Add that cost to the downtime incurred to restore the files (either by paying the ransome or having an IT firm like ProActive restoring them from backups), a hacking attack can get pretty expensive. According to the FBI, ransomware attacks could cost businesses $1 billion this year.

How can your business avoid being hacked?

  • Regularly update anti-virus software

  • Educate employees to recognize suspicious emails/ads

  • Think before clicking

  • Backup all data

How can you make your computer network safer?

Engage with ProActive Information Management's System Management Services (SMS). We want to help your business avoid getting hacked by making sure your files can't be taken hostage. By deploying such capabilities as server & desktop management, critical software updates, server & desktop management and hardware & software inventory management, we can help ensure the safety of your company's sensitive data.

To prevent your computer network from a malicious attack, contact ProActive today at 804-897-8347.

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