Phishing, Ransomware & Malware: Big Concerns To Decision Makers

What makes most decision makers cringe the most? Email security. The primary threat for many attacks is through email links and attachments. With so much email coming to employee mailboxes, many users click on attachments without carefully scrutinizing them first, because they think they may be important to their jobs. The use of well-written messages, personalization and logos make phishing schemes believable. And with inadequate end-user training, phishing and ransomware attacks are more prevalent and threatening than ever before. These facts, coupled with poor security infrastructure and a lack of internal IT staff expertise creates opportunities for cyber criminals to attack.

Phishing and ransomware are so successful due to a lack of the following:

  • End-user scrutiny when clicking on attachments

  • Quality end-user training

  • Variety in an organization's security infrastructure

  • Threat intelligence to ward off potential attacks

Now for the good news. There are many ways to protect critical business data, but it's best to start here:

By utilizing a variety of these tactics, organizations can rest a little easier knowing that their data is as safe as it can be.

For ways to detect, protect and recover your business critical data, ProActive Information Management can address your concerns. Contact us at

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