Disaster Recovery - It's More Than Backup

In the event of a disaster, is your network prepared to recover? How will your IT systems impact your business continuity? Many businesses believe that if they have backup, that's all they need. But, in fact, if you don't have the operating systems available to restore backed up data, the data can't be read.

Back-ups also need to be tested to ensure that your business continuity solution is 100% reliable and effective. In order to be resistant to disaster, your company needs to consider the redundancy only the cloud and other offsite backups can offer.

If your business has multiple locations, relies on computer systems to run on-site software and has compliance or regulatory requirements, it may benefit from the advantages that a disaster recovery solution can provide. Beyond traditional backup and recovery services, disaster recovery solutions are business continuity processes offering comprehensive system replication with data assurance, giving you confidence that your data is safe and that a disaster will not keep your business from running.

Do you have end-of-year funds to allocate? If you're ready to take the next step in disaster recovery planning, we're ready to help you connect the dots. Contact us!

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