Security Awareness is Key to Avoid Cyber Attacks

It's a fact...well-trained employees are less likely to allow malicious software onto their work and personal devices. That said, security awareness training is key to helping organizations avoid cyber attacks.

According to Osterman Research, Inc., most companies report that they have experienced attacks from ransomware, malware or hackers because an employee clicked on a phishing link or attachment. Still, employee training remains inadequate at a typical maximum of once per year, and in some cases, is non-exsistent. On the flip side, companies that have experienced no cyber attacks are the ones who are not only prepared with the proper tools to fight them, but their people are trained, as well.

What's the key take away? Because they store critical data and their ability to pay large ransom payments, businesses will increasingly be the primary target for ransomware, malware and phishing attacks. Organizations that train their employees and have guidelines in place to deal with cyber attacks actually do encounter less security attacks.

In an effort to mitigate their risks, organizations can more effectively deal with cyber attacks by taking these actions:

  • Understand the risks your organization faces

  • Develop policies to deal with them

  • Keep all systems up-to-date

  • Engage recent backups

  • Implement anti-phishing and anti-ransomware solutions

  • Use threat intelligence

  • Conduct end-user training & behavior best practices

For more information on end-user training, contact ProActive Information Management at

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