End-User Best Practices

Ready to put a plan in place to educate your employees on cyber security and how they can help fight cybercrime? After all, in addition to the right tools, like the latest technologies and security solutions, it takes everyone on your entire team's help and cooperation to stay vigilant.

Taking into consideration that there are a variety of best practices that organizations can follow, these are some of the most important:

  • Security awareness training and regular testing

  • Tools, software, systems and enhancements to fight ransonware and phishing

  • Regular checks on security risks

  • Good backup solutions

  • Threat intelligence

What can employees do?

  • Use password management and change passwords on a regular basis

  • Follow company guidelines by making careful decisions about clicking on email attachments and web pages

  • Carefully consider what information they share on social media sites

  • Maintain robust anti-malware and anti-virus protection on personal devices that access corporate systems

Ready to make a cyber security plan? At ProActive Information Management, we have the tools to help keep your network safe. Contact us at sales@proactive-info.com.

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