System Safety Requires Layers of Security

Concerned about cybercrime? Any business should be since cyber attacks are growing at an alarming rate. To stay ahead of the cyber fight, companies need protection, prevention, detection and recovery. To protect your network, security needs to address multiple layers of protection, all working together to minimize risk.

For maximum computer system productivity, creating layers of security will help to guard against cyber threats, protect critical data and support business continuity.

That’s where system management services can help. Like routine oil changes in your car, routine system maintenance makes your computer system run better and more productively. It also reduces the risk of unauthorized access to your system and company-sensitive data.

What does routine system maintenance include?

  • Patch management services to ensure your operating systems are up-to-date

  • Web filtering services to protect against unwanted viruses

  • Anti-virus services to protect against what is downloaded

  • Routine system cleanup to prolong the life and health of your computer

It’s not possible to stop every single attack before it happens. However, having a layered approach to security can help to prevent future attacks.

To achieve maximum computer-system productivity, layer in System Management Services (SMS) from ProActive Information Management. We’ll help you protect assets, decrease system downtime and reduce overall service costs. Learn more - contact us today!

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