4 Reasons to Hire A Managed Services Provider

Who manages your IT department? Is it a one-person shop or a team of on-staff IT professionals? With the increasing and menacing threat of internet hacking incidents growing daily, large and small businesses alike are facing real challenges when managing their IT needs. These challenges not only create an additional burden, but they tie up precious resources that should be focusing on other internal issues.

So what can a Managed Services Provider (MSP) do for your company?

Reduce Cost - MSP's are a cost-effective alternative to hiring additional internal IT staff

Shift the Burden - Overburdened IT staff appreciate the help with daily IT problems, as well as strategic planining

Add Expertise - MSP's engage in on-going solution training which arms them with the know-how to stay ahead of attacks

24/7 Support - Provides troubleshooting assistance, maintenance and monitoring for maximum computer system productivity

In a nutshell, an MSP can monitor and support your entire business network or it can supplement your overburdened IT staff. They are knowledgeable on the threat landscape and the latest IT solutions to combat those threats. Let's face it...system protection is what they do. They work efficiently with your staff to ensure all areas of your IT infrastructure stay running day and night.

Lastly, MSP's are a cost-effective way to manage your IT department without the staffing expense. Monthly recurring contract pricing allows you to budget a fixed cost, while freeing your current resources to manage more business critical issues.

How ProActive Information Management can help.

Your company's IT needs should be among your company's greatest concerns. Our System Management Services (SMS) are designed as turnkey maintenance solutions to protect assets, decrease system downtime and reduce overall costs, allowing you to focus on strategic goals and objectives. Start here by contacting our sales team.

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