Why You Need Patch Management

You've heard how important it is. You know you should be doing it. But are your devices being patched on a consistent basis?

According to Wikipedia, patch management is the process of using a strategy and plan of what patches should be applied to which systems at a specified time. Patches offer protection for commonly exploited third-party software and are created to correct issues that are discovered with programs after they have been released. In order to patch security holes in your operating system, a patch (a piece of code) is applied to a software program after installation. Because it is a piece of code, a patch has to be installed by someone who knows that it exists, determines how necessary it is and is prepared for unforeseen problems while deploying it. In a nutshell, patch management protects your systems from known attacks and it's an essential part of a good network security plan.

Patch management protects business networks and systems from cyber

threats. With cyber security threats growing daily, patch management is a practice that just should not be ignored. Every business should understand what patch management is and take steps to consistently implement it to protect data and avoid costly hacks.

For any business whose resources are already stretched too thin, patch management services can help. Patch management services offered by a trusted IT firm typically have remote monitoring and management, which automatically and reliably patch multiple desktops and servers at the same time, all working to keep your network safe while allowing your resources to work on more business critical duties.

If your IT team is stretched too thin or if patch management is often ignored in your business, you need patch management services. By working with an IT services team, a patch management plan can be a worthy investment.

ProActive Information Management's patch management services are included in our System Management Services. System Management Services (SMS) are designed as turnkey maintenance solutions to protect assets, decrease system downtime and reduce overall costs, allowing you to focus on strategic goals and objectives. Get patch management here by contacting our sales team.

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