3 Results of Effective Patch Management

Like humans need doctors and cars need tuneups, computers need patches to fix software vulnerabilities. As one of the most critical components of any security policy, patch management exists in order to protect business networks and systems from cyber threats.

When a system is not regularly and efficiently patched, it is vulnerable to attack. And every day it goes unpatched creates security holes in your operating system. Patch management protects your systems from known attacks and it's an essential part of a good network security plan.

Patch management provides the following results:

  • Fixes security vulnerabilities

  • Improves network performance

  • Automates and batches services

Effective patch management will fix security issues, improve network availability and automatically and reliably patch multiple desktops and servers at the same time, allowing your resources to work on more business critical duties.

If your organization’s patch management has you concerned, work with a professional IT consultant to help you formulate a plan for a documented patch management process. When performed by a professional, you can rest assured that patches are installed by someone who knows they exist, can determine how necessary they are and is prepared for issues while deploying them.

ProActive Information Management's patch management services are included in our System Management Services. Our System Management Services (SMS) are designed as turnkey maintenance solutions to protect assets, decrease system downtime and reduce overall costs, allowing you to focus on strategic goals and objectives. Click here to learn more or contact us at 804-897-8347 or email: sales@proactive-info.com.

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