Is BYOD Your Company Policy?

Does your company allow it's employees to use their own devices for work purposes? The BYOD benefits include:

  • Reduced cost of devices for the company

  • More employee satisfaction; they are comfortable with their own devices

  • Money savings due to less equipment purchases, device support and repair costs

  • Employee equipment choice, work-life flexibility and ability to work within familiar applications

Although it's the more familiar route to take, BYOD has security and manageability concerns to consider. With BYOD, IT must:

  • Manage and control a different apps and services

  • Service a myriad of device types

  • Oversee ways to ensure compliance and data security

But there's another way, and it's gaining attention in companies concerned about data breaches and internet hacking events. With COPE, it's easier for IT to monitor and protect devices. And by easing the restrictions a little, employees can select the devices, services and apps they want to use. In return, IT gets to limit those choices, decide how the devices will be used and control the cost of them. The COPE benefits include:

  • Management can deny access to certain web pages and social media sites

  • Reduced device cost for employees

  • More IT control over device usage and repair costs

  • IT can allow for employee's personal tasks like posting, tweeting and texting

In today's connected world, BYOD is causing distractions at work. BYOD also causes security issues due to work information leaving the work place. To help prevent security issues, COPE puts management in control of devices being used by employees. Employees can still have the freedom to use the devices for personal use, but the work information on these devices can be better managed.

Which policy is right for your company?

Source: BYOD vs. COPE: Why corporate device ownership could make a comeback by Robert Sheldon

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