Is Your Data Secure?

The number one IT security challenge that businesses face today is ransomware and the threat is growing at an astounding rate. With most ransomware infections being delivered via email attachments and embedded URL’s, the only way to combat this cyber threat is to have a comprehensive security plan in place.

According to Barkly, following are 6 cybersecurity statistics for 2017:

Source: 6 Must-Know Cybersecurity Statistics for 2017 | Barkly Blog - Brianna Gammons

Getting your security on track can protect the identity of your clients or patients and save you costly ransom demands. The best way to protect your data is to backup regularly and keep a recent backup copy off-site. If a computer does become infected with ransomware, files can be restored once the malware has been removed.

Other tips to protect files from ransomware include:

  • Always keep operating systems & security software up to date

  • Educate employees to recognize & delete suspicious emails

  • Use strong passwords & employ web filtering services

  • Don't give more administrative rights than needed to get the job done

  • Determine how you’ll be alerted to any breaches or hacks

  • Discover vulnerabilities in your network and remedy them

How can you protect your data?

You can take steps to prevent the ransomware by contacting a managed service provider (MSP) that can provide your company with the cyber security services it needs; such as, disaster recovery planning and system management services. MSPs like ProActive Information Management can ensure that your critical data is backed up in multiple locations, as well as tested, making your job of protecting that data a lot easier.

Feeling the need to chat with an IT expert? Contact Call ProActive Information Management today. We provide solutions to make your network secure.

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