Disaster Recovery - More Than Backup

Your data is vital to your business. It's valuable, irreplaceable, constantly changing information that keeps your business alive.

Aware of the necessity of data backups, most businesses have some sort of backup plan. But what if there is a disaster? Disasters happen in many ways...at times due to a flood, a fire, a hazardous material spill, a hurricane, a tornado or an earthquake. Still others happen because of hardware or machine failure, and most commonly, human mistakes. So what if a server goes down and there's data loss? Valuable business downtime can be incurred while waiting for the backup to be restored. That's where a business continuity plan comes into play. This plan includes the steps that will be taken to help your business recover should any type of disaster occur.

The sad truth is that businesses are reluctant to invest time in business continuity planning and they are even more reluctant to invest capital. But when disaster strikes, those that have invested time and money are glad they did.

The best way to protect data is to have backups that move data off-site to a secure data center. But that's not all. A business continuity/disaster recovery plan is essential to keeping business operations going while working to recover from a disaster.

No business can completely avoid IT disasters, but a disaster recovery plan offering speedy recovery will put you in a good place for minimal business downtime and data loss. A Business Continuity Solution assumes the role of the downed server, while still performing incremental backups.This means that your network is still up, while your server is being fixed. And instead of hours or days, it takes only minutes to restore that data.

Ready to talk about your business continuity plan? With ProActive's ECHO Business Continuity Solution, you can feel secure in knowing that your business can continue, even if disaster strikes. ECHO - It's not just backup, it's disaster recovery.

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