Protect Critical Data Through Business Continuity Planning

Disasters come in many forms. Natural disasters include hurricanes, tornadoes and floods. Environmental disasters can be in the form of water main breaks, smoke contamination and power black-outs. However, the most often-occurring disasters are those from the hands of humans. From stolen or lost equipment, to abuse of privileges and dreaded malware attacks, human disasters can inflict the most pain on a network.

It's not a matter of IF a disaster will strike, but WHEN. And when disaster does strike, the key to data protection is ensuring that it's off-site and inaccessible to outsiders. But it's also vital to have it available and accessible when you need it, how you need it, to keep your business running after a disaster.

A good Business Continuity Plan provides the assurance you want and the reliability you need. It will address business continuity issues that are tested, verified and documented before a disaster strikes.

A Business Continuity Solution assumes the role of the downed server, while still performing incremental backups.This means that your network is still up, while your server is being fixed.

By having an effective Business Continuity Plan in place, your business will have the resources and/or information required to successfully combat an emergency.

When you use ECHO as your Business Continuity solution, you can rest assured knowing that your disaster recovery plan is fully backed up, restored, tested and refined to reduce business downtime and get you back to business as usual.

To reduce business downtime, the ECHO product solution completely mimics your network environment, so that you can stay operational even if your network and office environment isn't.

Want to learn more about ECHO? Contact us at 804-897-8347.

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