Backup & Be Ready

A hurricane can strike anytime, anywhere.

The chances of your business being hit by a hurricane are slim, but during hurricane season, it's wise to still plan for unexpected outages so that you don't become a victim of data loss.

If your office has ever lost power due to heavy storms, you know how disruptive power outages can be to business operations. For ProActive's customers in our Data Center, our servers are always up, around the clock, with no interruptions in service.

How do we do it? By offering top-notch networking services such as:

  • Cloud Computing - a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet

  • Co-Location Services - a secure facility with guaranteed up-times

  • ECHO Disaster Recovery Solutions - comprehensive system replication, supporting critical business functions

These services provide complete business continuity by keeping all essential aspects of your business functioning despite significant disruptive events.

If you're not a ProActive Data Center customer, now's the time to consider becoming one. Through Cloud Computing, Co-Location Services and ECHO Disaster Recovery Solutions, ProActive can help you avoid the next disaster.

Are you ready to team up with ProActive? To learn more about how our data center solutions can keep your data safe, visit

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