How to Be ProActive During Hurricane Season

Power outages sometimes can't be avoided. For businesses, power outages can have a dramatic impact on profits, especially during high tourist seasons. For example, the recent power outages in the Outer Banks have cost some local businesses up to $5,000 per day in sales. And this disaster was caused by human error, not Mother Nature.

During hurricane season, what should you do to protect your data?

Having a game plan can make dealing with outages easier. If you live in an area that may be affected by a hurricane or severe storm, a key to keeping your data safe is proper planning and investment in IT infrastructure that will protect your assets, no matter what kind of disaster strikes. Good logic to consider is going into a data center. There are many advantages of using a data center, but the most important one is that your critical data can be recovered quickly with minimal disruption to your operations.

ProActive's Data Center provides three unique solutions to compliment and enhance your IT operation:

  • Co-Location Services: offer a secure facility with guaranteed up-times to ensure your data is available at all times without space constraints or concerns about outages at multiple locations.

  • Cloud Computing Services: provide dynamic and fluid resources to meet your business objectives. An entire network infrastructure with agility to expand and scale instantly, without equipment expenditures.

  • ECHO Disaster Recovery Solutions: provide comprehensive system replication with data assurance and availability. Beyond traditional backup and recovery services, ECHO tests and supports network resources to minimize downtime.

To keep your network running smoothly, even in the event of a hurricane, consider ProActive's Data Center solutions. Learn more here. For a comprehensive risk assessment, contact us at

804-897-8347. We'll safeguard what's important to you.

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