8 Ways to Be HIPAA Compliant

In order to be HIPAA Compliant, you may be looking for ways to increase the security of your IT environment. Following are a few simple, often inexpensive solutions that can dramatically improve your compliance efforts.

  • Cyber-Security Solutions - Common IT security includes firewalls, web filtering, antivirus and patch management services, risk assessments and backup and disaster recovery services.

  • Secure Cloud Storage - Allows employees to work from anywhere, on any machine with all data securely in the cloud.

  • Mobile Device Management – Personal devices are commonly used to access company files. Require the use of password-protected devices, as well as web-filtering software to minimize phishing scams into your systems.

  • Data Encryption – All computers with PHI should be encrypted for security.

  • E-mail Encryption – Provides a secure method of transmitting personal health information.

  • Network Assessments – Usually inexpensive, assessments reveal data and information about your network, devices, system health, patches, users, etc. As a vital part of any HIPAA compliance effort they should be done annually.

  • Physical Security - All windows, doors and access points should be locked and secure from intruders. This includes mobile devices, when not in use.

  • HIPAA Management & Training – HIPAA compliance programs are tough to manage, keep up-to-date, and track. Use a service like CentraVance to consolidate your HIPAA efforts, learn of areas for improvement and get end-user training.

To use technology to enable your practice to be HIPAA Compliant, let ProActive Information Management provide the tools you need. From cloud storage and email encryption services to network assessments and disaster recovery solutions, we want to be your HIPAA Compliant business associate.

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