Preventing HIPAA Violations

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires all health care professionals to safeguard patient protected health information. Companies that don't comply face hefty fines.

In an article written by Addiction-Rep titled "How Businesses Commonly Make HIPAA Violations Without Even Knowing It," common HIPPA violations can lead to fines up to $1.5 million, sanctions, and potentially loss of license. Read more

One of the best ways to prevent common HIPAA violations is to make HIPAA compliance a part of your company culture. Along with compliance, a comprehensive IT strategy and employee education are essential.

Considering that a cyber security IT strategy is only as strong as an organization's weakest staff member, employee education is critical. Ensure employees understand the importance of information security and HIPAA compliance. Emphasize erring on the side of caution and if you are unsure whether an action would be a HIPAA violation, ask for clarification. Lastly, offer regular training to employees about HIPAA compliance.

To use technology to enable your practice to be HIPAA Compliant, let ProActive Information Management provide the tools you need. From cloud storage and email encryption services to network assessments and disaster recovery solutions, we want to be your HIPAA Compliant business associate.

For HIPAA compliance consulting, assessments and end-user training, contact CentraVance at 804-977-1201.

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