Use It or Lose It - Year End Budget Money

The calendar year ends soon, so if you have a bit

of IT budget money to spend, now's the time to allocate those resources. Since the end of the

year can be especially busy for IT professionals

who must protect their networks and explain the value of the money they plan to spend, here are some points to consider when planning to efficiently use those funds:

IT security: With the proliferation of internet hacking attacks, spend extra money on making sure your network is as secure as possible with email security, antivirus, web filtering services, backup and disaster recovery solutions.

New IT projects: Get a jump on buying the equipment and/or services that will get new projects off the ground.

Networking equipment: Make systems up-to-date with the latest equipment and services.This includes laptops, mobile devices, servers, routers and internet security applications.

IT consulting services: Ensure that all of your IT needs are being met by hiring an IT professional who can work alongside your IT team.

If you need some help to get the best bang for your IT bucks, ProActive Information Management has the solutions! Visit us at To have a conversation about what we can do for you, contact us at 804-897-8347 or email

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