Why You Need System Maintenance

The role of system maintenance is to keep your network and computer systems up-to-date. But for small companies, achieving maximum computer system safety and productivity is a daily struggle, as it can be a very time consuming and overwhelming job.

So what's the answer? Give the responsibility of protecting your systems to an IT professional with a managed service solution. They will manage all IT administrative tasks at once for everyone, including regular updates to antivirus software, web filtering services and patch management.

By utilizing a managed service solution, you can achieve maximum computer system safety and productivity, while reducing the burden of day-to-day IT management to:

  • Guard against cyber threats

  • Protect critical data

  • Support business continuity

The essential components of system management services include:

  • Antivirus software protects computers, networks, smartphones and tablets from incoming threats and seeks out, destroys and warns of possible threats to them. It plays an important role in computer system safety while protecting critical company documents and sensitive data from getting damaged or stolen.

  • Web filtering helps system administrators decide which content is acceptable for employees to view and access. It checks the content of web pages against a set of company-set rules. By blocking or filtering such websites, the chance of a virus attack is reduced.

  • Patch management services automatically and reliably patch multiple desktops and servers at the same time, all working to keep your network safe.

Don’t put your organization at risk. Make system management services a priority for your business so that your reputation and data are less at risk.

ProActive Information Management's System Management Services (SMS) are designed as turnkey maintenance solutions to protect assets, decrease system downtime and reduce overall costs, allowing you to focus on business critical duties and strategic objectives. Learn more at www.proactive-info.com/sms.

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