4 Reasons to Use Web Filtering Software

Businesses use web filtering software to protect themselves and their employees from reckless and inappropriate web usage on their corporate network. Web filters are used by businesses to block access to non-work related websites, including social networking websites, gaming websites, auction websites, etc.

A web filter restricts access to certain websites that might contain harmful malware. Web filtering screens web pages to determine if they should not be displayed to the user. It checks the content of web pages against a set of company-set rules. By blocking or filtering such websites, the chance of a virus attack is reduced. Used in conjunction with dedicated anti-malware and antivirus programs, web filtering helps system administrators decide which content is acceptable for employees to view and access.

Reasons to use a web filter include:

  • Increased Productivity: tempting websites are blocked from access, allowing employees to stay focused on the job

  • Increased Network Protection: blocked access to malicious sites reduces the chance of a virus attack

  • Reduced Risk of Liability: helps an organization be compliant with current laws

  • Reduced Bandwidth Usage: allows system administrators to control bandwidth by blocking streaming video, music and file sharing services, thereby reducing costs

A web filter restricts access to certain websites that might contain harmful malware

Businesses should strongly consider implementing web filtering services to protect their networks from malicious web threats. It gives them control over how users view and access the Internet, while increasing their network’s overall performance and reliability. Along with implementation, employees should be trained on the company’s expectations of safe internet use with the understanding that risk reduction is the ultimate goal.

ProActive Information Management's System Management Services (SMS)

offers routine system maintenance with web filtering software to keep

your systems healthy and protected.

To learn how ProActive Information Management can ease the burden on your internal IT staff, and deliver web filtering software through System Management Services, contact us at 804-897-8347 or email: sales@proactive-info.com.

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