Embrace Change for Better Password Security

Embrace change. That's the motto of good email password security. It's also a reminder to check your passwords to make sure they are unique for each account. Recycling an old favorite may make it easier to remember multiple passwords, but it leads to unwanted breaches allowing access to important data. In addition to being unique, good passwords include upper- and lower-case letters, numbers and symbols.

Businesses, local governments and individuals are at risk of password reuse attacks, better known as "credential stuffing" attacks. One of the best ways to defend against such attacks is to use strong passwords and change them often.

If you're tired of trying to remember all those passwords, think about using a password manager such as LastPass. It's free, easy to use and automatically updates password changes for you.

Don’t follow the temptation to use the same password for

multiple accounts or to recycle an old favorite.

Learn more about password security in an article written by Bree Fowler, Consumer Reports

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