Tips for Workplace Device Security

Workplace device security is more of an issue to CEO's and company owners than ever before. Data leaks occur daily as employees access sensitive company data using mobile devices. With the prevalence of tele-work options and everyone having access to company email and files on their smartphones, an organization's security is potentially exposed to malware and network attacks with unwelcome consequences.

Today, you don't hear people say BYOD as much. But that's not because the practice has been abolished--but rather that it has become ubiquitous. - Adam Levin, Buy All Your Employees a Smartphone. Your Job Might Depend on It

But, employees want to use their personal devices for work and organizations benefit from it. While working remotely is a very attractive option for most of the workforce, it also allows them to be more productive and available at all hours. Ultimately, it's more advantageous to embrace mobility and ensure that your network and data is safe than to fight technology and the benefits it provides.

To secure mobile devices in the workplace, follow these key tips:

  • Be proactive: Analyze the risks employees take and understand the ways they are using their devices for work-related tasks.

  • Stay up-to-date on current trends: Make sure you know what the recent threats are and what other companies are doing to keep their data and networks secure.

  • Use network segmentation: Dividing your network helps to limit access and contain potential threats to a single network.

  • Train your workforce: Conduct end-user training and behavior best practices. Organizations that train their employees and have guidelines in place to deal with cyber attacks can dramatically reduce their risk.

  • Develop acceptable use protocols and use web filtering: This includes what apps can be installed on a device and which ones cannot be used, how and when to connect to social media, as well as what web sites are allowed to be visited.

In light of the current cyber-security environment, companies need to secure their networks and employees need to modify their behavior. According to Levin, the smartphone employees use for work will increasingly will be a little harder to unlock; and they won't be able to load new apps at will. This will help to make mobile devices as safe as they need to be.

The best way to avoid a potential breach is to make prevention a part of your IT strategy so that your company can benefit from a mobile, flexible workforce. At ProActive, we deliver and merge technology solutions with business processes that enable and empower end users to perform their daily job duties with minimal disruptions. Let us help you secure your network. Contact us at 804-897-8347 or

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