4 Benefits of Data Center Co-Location Services

To a small-to-mid-size business, data center co-location services offer a wide range of benefits. The routine chores to protect a company's data can be a huge burden on an IT team. Managing an in-house data center means your team is responsible for all of the costs, maintenance, repairs and security to run it.

But with an off-site location to house company data, specialists available around-the-clock to manage outages, breaches and system failures and full control of your infrastructure, data center co-location services are appealing and offer cost savings to boot. Co-location "shares" space with other companies, which in turn spreads the cost among them, giving each the data protection they want at a price they can afford.

In his article How Data Center Co-Location Benefits Businesses,

Erich Hamilton, director of engineering for DAMAC, speaks about

the four major benefits of data center co-location which include scalability, sustainable infrastructure, security and cost.

As your business grows, data center co-location services also offer infrastructure already in place to accommodate your needs with up-time reliability, disaster recovery capabilities and the ability to meet regulatory compliance that reduces operational risk. For growing businesses, data center co-location services are a cost-effective, smart choice for data security.

For more information on ProActive's Data Center Solutions which include cloud, co-location and disaster recovery, contact us at 804-897-8347, email our sales team at sales@proactive-info.com or visit www.proactive-info.com/data-center-solutions.

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