Protect Assets with a Documented Patch Management Process

Identifying vulnerabilities in software is

a significant challenge for many organizations in healthcare, but timely implementation of software patches is a critical component of the risk management process.

In her article Software Flaws: Why Is Patching So Hard?, Marianne Kolbasuk McGee,Executive Editor, HealthcareInfoSecurity, discusses the challenges healthcare organizations face in detecting, applying and dealing with patch management

"Testing and understanding the impact of patches can be critical to

mitigating the risks patches are designed to address while avoiding

or minimizing risks that patches may introduce,"

If patch management is a struggle for your organization, work with a professional IT

consultant to help you formulate a plan for a documented patch management process. When performed by a professional, you can rest assured that patches are installed by someone who stays abreast of recent updates and is prepared for issues while applying them.

Looking for an easier solution to patch management? With ProActive's System Management Services (SMS), patch management doesn't have to be hard. SMS is designed as a turnkey maintenance solution to protect assets, decrease system downtime and reduce overall costs, allowing you to focus on strategic goals and objectives. Learn more at, contact us at 804-897-8347 or email

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