Use "People Patching" to Make Employees Care About Cybersecurity

If your organization doesn't have a security culture, ​it's likely that employees don't place a high priority on the security of it. Employees typically feel that network security is IT's job and that it's being taken care of for them. In reality, all employees need to consider security as part of their job. By looking out for phishing scams and cyberattacks, everyone in the organization can help keep a company secure.

Organizations must do people patching: Similar to updating hardware or operating systems, you need to consistently update employees with the latest security vulnerabilities and train them on how to recognize and avoid them. Source: Wesley Simpson, COO of (ISC)2, How to make your employees care about cybersecurity: 10 tips

For the top 3 ways to make your employees care about cybersecurity, read KnowB4's Stu Sjouwerman's recent blog post titled: Why Don’t Your Employees Care About Cyber Security?

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