Protecting Data in Disaster

Hurricane season is here and with it comes the possibility of power outages. From data loss to downtime incurred, power outages can have a dramatic impact on business profits.

According to Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), 40% of businesses that close from impacts of an emergency do so because of unexpected outages.

So how do you avoid power outages when disaster strikes? At minimum, a good plan should include surge protection for your on-site equipment. Often called a surge protector, every on-site server and telecommunication data line should have an uninterrupible power supply (UPS). These devices protect equipment from power surges that can inflict heavy damage or worse, destroy it.

Beyond surge protection, an important key to keeping your data safe is proper planning and investment in IT infrastructure that will protect your assets, no matter what kind of disaster strikes.

That's where using a data center to store your company data can be a smart move. Although there are many advantages of using a data center, the most important one is that your critical data can be recovered quickly with minimal disruption to your operations.

ProActive's Data Center provides three unique solutions to protect, compliment and enhance your IT operation:

  • Co-Location Services: offer a secure facility with guaranteed up-times to ensure your data is available at all times without space constraints or concerns about outages.

  • Cloud Computing Services: provide dynamic and fluid resources to meet your business objectives. An entire network infrastructure with agility to expand and scale instantly, without equipment expenditures.

  • ECHO Disaster Recovery Solutions: provide comprehensive system replication with data assurance and availability. Beyond traditional backup and recovery services, ECHO tests and supports network resources to minimize downtime.

To keep your network running smoothly, even in the event of a hurricane, consider ProActive's Data Center solutions. Learn more here. For a comprehensive risk assessment, contact us at 804-897-8347.

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