Doing Nothing Could Cost You

The risk of doing nothing could cost you everything. Does your company have a business continuity plan to ensure that if a cyber attack happens, your data is secure? Many small companies don't, thinking that the cyber security investment is too high and that a cyber attack won't happen to them.

The fact is, ransomware costs small businesses a lot of money. According to Sophos, in 2017 businesses lost an average of $133,000 in recovery costs following ransomware incidents. And it wasn't the payments made for ransom that cost so much but the business-related costs; such as, data loss, downtime, time spent trying to get systems back online, company reputation and lost revenue that made a lasting impact on the bottom line.

To effectively combat cyber attacks, cyber security and business continuity should be considered together to minimize costs, protect data and plan a timely and effective response to any attacks or data breaches.

To protect themselves from a cyber attack, companies should develop a business continuity plan with a disaster recovery solution that includes the following:

  • Analysis of potential threats

  • On and off-site data backup

  • Data testing and practice drills

  • Documented plan for alert that a breach has taken place

  • A response team to communicate with affected employees and clients

To further assist in cyber protection, companies should insist on up-to-date operating systems and anti-virus software, strong password use, web filtering, limited administrative rights and employee training.

Doing nothing is no longer a viable option because the cost is just too high. The bottom line is that in the event of a cyber attack, a business continuity plan with a disaster recover solution is essential to keeping business operations going while working to recover from a cyber attack.

Ready to talk about your business continuity plan? With ProActive's ECHO Business Continuity Solution, even if a cyber attack strikes, you can rest assured knowing that your data is fully backed up, restored, tested and refined to reduce business downtime and get you back to business as usual. Contact us a 804-897-8347 to learn more.

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