The Value of Investment

When it comes to the IT needs of a business, a modest investment in security ahead of problems can stave off big expenses after the fact. But so many businesses often wait to make an investment thinking that the technology they have in place is sufficient. However, with the constantly evolving world of technology, businesses who "wait and see" often cannot keep up with the changing demands in growth, leaving them vulnerable to cyber attacks.

One of the most common problems companies face is keeping up with technology to facilitate growth. Viewed as a costly undertaking, system upgrades often get pushed off.

When considering IT investment, growing businesses want value, efficiency, ROI and knowledge that the investment will not only provide results but get them through a certain number of years. Finding the right blend of IT services to suit rapidly changing demands is often key to success.

When searching for new technology, here are some valuable tips to consider:

  • Evaluate your needs What are your current and future needs? What problems are you trying to solve?

  • Determine your budget Ensure that an appropriate value is placed on the growing needs of your organization.

  • Work with a professional An IT solutions firm offers the expertise to assist in your investment, ensuring that as your business grows, your technology grows with it.

  • Embrace your new technology. Commit resources to learn and configure the system to achieve the results you want, educate your staff on how everything should work and provide training for using it to its best advantage.

Knowing your business’s current and future needs and having a commitment to make it work for your organization are two of necessary steps to ensure a smooth and successful integration of new technology. Having someone with experience to guide you through the complex decision making process is essential.

If you are looking to update your infrastructure and would like to speak with a professional, contact ProActive Information Management at 804-897-8347 or visit

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