Why You Need a Computer Hardware Replacement Plan

You've probably asked yourself this question: How often should my company update its computer systems? Today's business software requires robust hardware to run it. From PC's and laptops to servers and network gear, equipment is costly but necessary. So how do you know when to replace it?

Most small businesses take the approach that when operations become increasingly inefficient, time consuming and costly, it's time for hardware replacement. However, as your equipment struggles to keep up and begins to fail, you may incur costly downtime and repair costs. Waiting until the equipment fails can also leave you at risk and may result in possible loss of critical data, unexpected replacement costs and unwanted disruption to your business operations.

If you wait until equipment fails, signs that it's time for hardware upgrades include:

  • Hardware crashes or slow performance are affecting productivity

  • Newer operating systems are available but can't be installed or updated

  • Software apps are causing issues for your users

  • The manufacturers no longer support your systems

  • Your system warranties have expired

  • Repair and maintenance costs equal or exceed replacement costs

Additionally, new software installations require more resources to run them properly, so as equipment ages, the software's performance may be compromised.


As a more efficient and secure way to manage hardware replacement, having a hardware replacement schedule allows you to plan and budget accordingly. A general rule of thumb is to replace laptops, PC's, servers and network equipment every 3-5 years. By adopting a more strategic approach to technology replacement you can avoid possible security breaches, costly repairs, unnecessary downtime and unexpected expenses. It will also make for happy end-users.

If you need help creating a hardware replacement plan, contact ProActive Information Management. Our business consulting team will help you determine the hardware needs of your business along with a replacement schedule that fits your budget.

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