Assess Your Risks with IT Consulting Services

In today's ever-changing world of cyber security, many companies rely on the expertise of an IT consultant to advise them on important IT decisions and how to use information technology in order to meet their business objectives. In addition to securing networks and providing cyber security advice, an IT consultant's job is to manage and administer IT systems for their clients.

Cyber security is all about managing, controlling and mitigating risk

to your organization’s critical assets.

Two methods of cyber security risk management are through IT Risk Assessments and Network Assessments.

As a foundation to your IT security strategy, an IT risk assessment is a review of the possible threats your organization faces. It helps you understand what events can negatively affect your organization and what security gaps pose a threat to your critical information. In many industries, an IT risk assessment is also a requirement for compliance.

A network assessment is an overview of what you currently have in your network, from servers to switches to devices and their connectivity. A completed network assessment includes network and computer equipment inventory, site configuration information, findings and recommendations. Network assessments help you understand and strengthen your weak defenses.

IT risk assessments and network assessments work hand-in-hand to determine risks your organization may be facing. Recommendations and solutions are provided and can include training, policy and procedure changes and network design proposals to support your unique needs.

From assessing your IT risks to designing and building your IT infrastructure, IT consulting services can can offer customized solutions to increase productivity, decrease costs, and contribute to your success. IT consultants have the experience needed to navigate the complexities of network security and manage the implementation of network upgrades, while providing peace of mind so you can focus on your business.

If your organization is ready to hire an IT consultant, contact us today for your complimentary risk assessment at 804-897-8347 or visit

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