Wish Buying IT Services was Easier?

Finding the right blend of IT services to manage and access critical business applications and services is a difficult challenge. The basic technology to power a small business includes an antivirus solution, patch management services, web filtering services and a backup solution.

Get all that and more with FITS

FITS is a full suite of affordable and easy to manage IT services with system protection and return on investment. FITS helps you get all of your business technology needs met allowing you to achieve business objectives, within budget, while providing secure, reliable access to data, less drain on resources and regulatory compliance assurance.

FITS offers:

  • Comprehensive cybersecurity protection

  • Lower IT costs

  • Improved productivity

  • Reduced operational downtime

  • Greater system and data security and reliability

  • Improved staff collaboration

FITS makes complex IT simple and affordable at a flat monthly price, enabling you to get the right blend of IT services to power your small business.

Transform the way you buy IT services for small business with FITS. For more information, visit www.proactive-info.com/fits or call 804-897-8347.

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