Support Veterans, Donate Your Old Tech

On a recent tour through the warehouse of Tech For Troops (T4T), I was inspired by their mission to support veterans, give people a safe and helpful way to get rid of unneeded PCs and laptops and keep unusable computers out of landfills.

It all started with a single guy, a veteran in need of a job, but with no computer skills to aid him in finding one. That is when T4T changed their mission to include computer skills training and education for veterans to help them find jobs.

T4T turns donations into training, education and technology for veterans. This effort allows veterans to get online training, apply for jobs, start businesses and manage their VA benefits. T4T is dedicated to empowering veterans with computers, skills and information technology (IT) training so that they can rejoin the workforce and provide for their families.

Donate to T4T! As a 501c(3) non-profit, they provide donation receipts.

While supporting their mission, T4T provides your business with a low-cost and socially responsible alternative to recycling technology. With exceptional data deletion and security protocols, you can be sure your recycled technology and data is properly disposed of. Your privacy is critical to their mission and multiple data security experts approve their stringent process.

They remove hard drives, all identifying marks and asset tags from computers and store hard drives in a secure room with camera surveillance. All data is completely destroyed and unrecoverable. T4T can also provide a Certificate of Destruction certifying that your data has been destroyed.

They appreciate donations of any size and they need the following items:

  • Desktop PCs

  • Laptops and power adapters

  • Flat panel monitors

  • Tablets and iPads

  • Cell phones

T4T also accepts file servers and racks, hard drives, wireless access points, routers, switches, and related hardware.

So, clean out your server rooms and closets full of old equipment and donate to Tech for Troops! You’ll get rid of unneeded equipment and you’ll be helping veterans and the environment!


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