Hardware Replacement Planning is Key When Facing Software End-of-Life

From PC's and laptops to servers and network gear, equipment is costly but necessary. When considering whether to upgrade or replace current equipment, the age-old questions is - How often should your company update its computer systems? While a convenient time to upgrade hardware is during a software upgrade, how do you know when it’s time to make an investment in new hardware?

Some questions to ask yourself when considering whether to upgrade or replace hardware are:

  • Can your company’s applications continue to run smoothly on older equipment?

  • Can current computers be upgraded to the latest operating system or is it time to buy new computers?

  • Do you have the help of an IT service provider who can help with asset inventory?

  • Do you have the financial resources needed for replacement?

  • Can your operation afford unexpected downtime and possible data loss?

Hardware replacement can be a costly investment, requiring a comprehensive inventory and assessments of current assets. For most small businesses, if the applications being used become increasingly inefficient, time consuming and costly, it’s time to replace hardware. Hardware replacement will help to avoid costly downtime and repair costs, but it will also help to avoid critical data loss and business operational disruptions.

When newer operating systems; such as Windows 10 are available but can't be installed or updated, it’s a clear sign that hardware replacement would be beneficial to your operation. As equipment ages, so does software performance, which can be compromised due to lack of resources to run it.


As a more efficient and secure way to manage hardware replacement, having a hardware replacement schedule allows you to plan and budget accordingly. A general rule of thumb is to replace laptops, PC's, servers and network equipment every 3-5 years. By adopting a more strategic approach to technology replacement you can avoid possible security breaches, costly repairs, unnecessary downtime and unexpected expenses. And you'll have happy end-users.

With Windows 10 upgrade needs, you'll probably have old equipment that should be replaced. Why not get the equipment you need and save yourself some money at the same time!

If you need help creating a hardware replacement plan, contact ProActive Information Management. Our business consulting team will help you determine the hardware needs of your business along with a replacement schedule that fits your budget.

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