In today's information technology-intensive business environment, even the smallest issue in a mission-critical system can pull you away from your primary focus: Fulfilling your promise to your clients.

ProActive's System Management Services

Help you achieve maximum computer-system productivity while reducing the burden of day-to-day IT management. System Management Services (SMS) is one of the many layers of security to:​​

  • Guard against cyber threats

  • Protect critical data

  • Support business continuity and get you back to running your business

What is the secret?

Like routine oil changes in your car, routine system maintenance improves system performance and productivity and extends the life of your equipment. With affordable system protection plans starting at less than $.49/day/device,* routine system maintenance reduces the risk of unauthorized access to your system and company-sensitive data. Our routine system maintenance includes these essential components:

What does ProActive's SMS do for you?

  • Proactively manages network devices to identify and resolve issues and maximize system availability

  • Provides a single screen display for efficient system management and troubleshooting

  • Reduces management cost by eliminating the need to buy and maintain multiple software packages

  • Utilizes secure remote support access during troubleshooting efforts

  • Retains historical system information to quickly identify problems

  • Reduces IT support costs and operational downtime due to system outages

ProActive's System Management Services (SMS) is designed as a turnkey maintenance solution to protect assets, decrease system downtime and reduce overall service costs, allowing you to focus on fulfilling your promise to your clients.

*Calculation based on Select or Pro package options. See your ProActive sales representative for more information.