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July 9, 2019


Over the years, I have seen many small businesses regret purchasing software and other tools for their small businesses. Why? They did not evaluate their processes and people before making their purchase. Software and technology do not fix a business. Software and tec...

With end-of-life quickly approaching, several Microsoft business products will no longer get support or security updates following their respective expiration dates.

What should you do? For the safety of your business, protect your data from potential security vule...

The movement to upgrade to Windows 10 is now into its last 6 months. And anyone in the IT industry who manages servers and computers is well aware of the January 20, 2020 deadline, when Microsoft will discontinue providing security patches to Windows 7. So, has all thi...

Soon, Microsoft will be ending its support for Windows 7. For healthcare organizations, regulatory compliance mandates the need to upgrade systems from unsupported software to avoid compliance violations. An upgrade could mean a physical upgrade from Windows 7 to Windo...

From PC's and laptops to servers and network gear, equipment is costly but necessary. When considering whether to upgrade or replace current equipment, the age-old questions is - How often should your company update its computer systems? While a convenient time to upgr...

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Secure Your Employees, Secure Your Network

Security awareness training is key to avoiding

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The End is Near: How to Prepare for Microsoft End-of-Lif...

On a recent tour through the warehouse of Tech For Troops (T4T), I was inspired by their mission to support veterans, give people a safe and helpful way to get rid of unneeded PCs and laptops and keep unusable computers out of landfills.

It all started with a single guy...

In light of the Windows 7 January 14, 2020

End-of-Life expiration date, many of our clients have been inquiring about Windows 10 upgrades and how they can do them successfully without breaking the bank. Below is some helpful advice about what you should do.

1. Is the Wi...

Nurses solve problems, test new therapies and provide tips and training to new nurses that save time and lives. Uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between technology and clinical practice, nurses adapt quickly, can work in a variety of settings including research an...

When considering your options to upgrade from Windows 10, there's a lot to think about and it takes some planning and preparation. A good place to start is taking a comprehensive inventory of your company's hardware and software assets. Inventory management is importan...

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