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IT security 

IT security is a set of strategies designed to prevent unauthorized access to organizational assets, networks, and data. It can encompass both information security (infosec) and cybersecurity, and its goal is to maintain the security, integrity and confidentiality of private information and keep out unauthorized users and hackers. IT security presents threats and breaches that can negatively impact your business. When you enter your organization’s internal network, you should have confidence that only authorized user can access and make changes to the information that is there.

business continuity planning

A disruption can be a huge crisis—such as a hurricane or Covid-19 or a cyber-attack—or something as simple as an employee vacation or a traffic accident making your place of business inaccessible. Regardless of the size of the disruptive event, it is important in these situations to have plans in place to empower your team and business to keep moving forward. A well planned business continuity plan insures that your team keeps the ball rolling no matter what life throws at your organization and involves proper risk assessment, business impact analysis, documentation, training, testing, and crisis communications skills.