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ProActive Cloud is dynamic, fluid, secure, encrypted, resilient, and redundant.

pim's penetration testing helps you identify security weaknesses before attackers can exploit them.

Why pim pentesting?

Our strategy includes keeping your data safe and protecting your bottom line.

Penetration tests are relatively inexpensive tools to help prioritize initiatives to cost-effectively reduce and avoid risks to your cybersecurity. They identify exploitable weaknesses in both your perimeter and internal systems. Our pen testing secures a strong perimeter to your network through external penetration tests and discovers weaknesses inside your network that a hacker could exploit after a breach through internal penetration tests.

This dual approach to penetration testing provides insight on how to mitigate threats from the outside as well as within. 

What is autonomous penetration testing?

Pim is a pentesting provider that combines the low cost and high frequency testing of automated pentesting with the expertise, thoroughness, and precision of manual pentests performed by highly skilled security professionals. This means that Pim can run continuous purple teaming exercises at a low annual cost.

Purple teaming exercises are simulations of real-world attacks, where the attackers are played by security professionals. This helps organizations to identify and fix security vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by malicious actors.

Continuous purple teaming exercises mean that organizations can run these simulations on a regular basis, which helps them to stay ahead of the ever-changing threat landscape.

Pentesting has evolved from manual, to crowdsourced, to automated, and now autonomous.

Manual pentesting is the traditional approach, where security professionals manually test systems and networks for vulnerabilities. This is a time-consuming and expensive process, but it is also the most thorough.

Crowdsourced pentesting is a newer approach, where organizations hire a large number of freelance security professionals to test their systems and networks. This is a less expensive approach than manual pentesting, but it can be less thorough.

Automated pentesting uses software to scan systems and networks for vulnerabilities. This is the least expensive approach, but it is also the least thorough.

Autonomous pentesting is the newest approach, and it uses artificial intelligence to test systems and networks for vulnerabilities. This approach is still under development, but it has the potential to be the most thorough and efficient pentesting approach.

Pim's pentesting approach combines the best of all of these worlds. It is more thorough than automated pentesting, but less expensive than manual pentesting. It is also more efficient than crowdsourced pentesting, and more accurate than autonomous pentesting.


How Our Process Works



Any successful attack requires intelligence on the target. ProActive starts with unauthenticated access to the system, and then creates a Knowledge Graph, identifying all hosts, misconfigurations, open ports, and searches for credentials.


Maneuver Loop

We orchestrate over 100 offensive tools to harvest credentials, exploit vulnerabilities, and exploit default settings and misconfigurations to execute attacks.

Verified Attack Plans

To simplify prioritization and remediation, results are provided as "Proofs" with graphical and textual representations of each step in a successful attack. This includes which tactics were used, which weaknesses were identified and exploited, how credentials were obtained, and the paths taken to gain privileges and access to systems.

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ProActive identifies and reports on data at risk across physical and virtual environments it was able to access with read/ write privileges, including SMB shares, NFS shares, FTP shares, cloud storage, vCenter servers, and databases.


Contextual Scoring

We evaluate and prioritize each weakness by its role in the successful attack- not by base CVSS score. Organizations can quickly identify those weaknesses that present the greatest threat and must be addressed immediately, and which threats can be safely deferred.

Actionable Remediation

ProActive Information Management provides precise and actionable remediation guidance, allowing security and operations to resolve issues at the root cause quickly.