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How to Save Money on New Hardware

Image of Cindy Farmer
Cindy Farmer

When considering your options to upgrade from Windows 10, there's a lot to think about and it takes some planning and preparation. A good place to start is taking a comprehensive inventory of your company's hardware and software assets. Inventory management is important, as it will help in prioritizing your Windows 10 upgrades. Not to mention that software upgrades are a convenient time to upgrade the hardware as well.

Additionally, review upgrade compatibility on the applications used for running your business and check that the hardware specifications of your current equipment are sufficient to run Windows 10. If your applications are not upgrade compatible or your PCs are at the minimum recommended requirements, it may be wiser to buy new PCs rather than upgrade.

The cost to replace hardware will depend on the number of pc's, laptops and servers you have. Some of your pc's and laptops may accommodate an upgrade to Windows 10, others may not. Servers may need to be replaced, as well, but as an option to save additional money, you may want to consider going to the cloud.

How Can You Save Money on New Hardware?

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With proper planning and preparation, a good inventory list and a solid understanding of the applications that run your business, you can make good technology investments that will take your company into the future.

If you need help, turn to ProActive Information Management. We'll manage all Windows upgrades for your business, whether it's migrating current equipment to Windows 10 or helping you decide which equipment to replace.

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