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Microsoft Teams: Swipe Right to Collaborate

Image of EJ Phillips
EJ Phillips

Okay, I’ll be honest. I think I am in love. It’s a first for me. I find myself engaging with someone who can read my mind. Someone who provides me with the exact things I didn’t even know I needed (not unlike shopping at Target, but that’s another post…). Who is my beloved? It’s Microsoft Office 365.


No, really. Office 365 makes my job easier. Everyday I find a new feature that I didn’t know existed yesterday and yet now I cannot live without. My newest obsession? COLLABORATING ON ALL THE THINGS IN TEAMS.


Tomorrow my boss and I have a big presentation. We have been working on the PowerPoint for awhile. We are introducing a complete shift in strategy to a client. We’ve both worked individually on the presentation and our contributing roles, but tomorrow is gameday and so we needed to have a meeting. But here is the thing…they are calling for snow. And my feet are cold and this blanket here in my home office is so fuzzy. I thought about heading into the office. And then I remembered my one true love that has never let me down: TEAMS.


I suggested that instead of a face to face meeting, we have a call. She placed an audio call to me through the Teams app. Then through 365, I shared with her the PowerPoint presentation we had both been working on individually. We were working on it together, talking about our work and the client and our predicted obstacles, commenting and chatting in the margins as well, without some weird ‘my boss is hovering over my shoulder and pointing to my screen and her armpit is right next to my ear’ kind of way. I may or may not have also, at one point, carried my laptop into the kitchen and fixed myself lunch. All the while updating and creating, seamlessly collaborating on what can only be described as the greatest PowerPoint presentation of all time.

At one point, I couldn’t figure out why the text was two different sizes on the screen. I complained. Next thing I know, my boss was whipping and whirling. Whole blocks of texts disappeared and boom, she fixed it. She lamented about the order of the slides and the flow. I set to work sliding things around. We each were able to bring to the table our strengths and ideas, and all from the comfort of our home offices where I can assure you, we both wore fuzzy slippers.


Maybe Office 365 is not a good date. He probably won’t love tacos or live music. And he for sure doesn’t hold up a fish in his profile pic. But he won’t ghost me; he is always there for me. I will always swipe right on him.

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