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Plan Now for a Smooth Transition

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Cindy Farmer

With end-of-life quickly approaching, several Microsoft business products will no longer get support or security updates following their respective expiration dates.

What should you do? For the safety of your business, protect your data from potential security vulerabilities by upgrading to Windows 10 now. Careful planning now can create a smooth transition later and help you avoid excess downtime during the upgrades.

As a reminder, Microsoft will end support on the

following products/dates:

Desktop Software end-of-support:

Windows 7 - January 14, 2020 Office 2010 - October 13, 2020

Server Software end-of-support:

SQL Server 2008 - July 9, 2019

Windows Server 2008 and 2008R2 - January 14, 2020 Exchange Server 2010 - January 14, 2020

The Risk

PC’s and servers running the above software after support ends will become vulnerable to unpatched security risks and updates will no longer be available.

The Benefit

By upgrading to the latest version of these Microsoft products, your data and systems will be protected and security updates and patches will be available.

The Plan

Careful strategic planning is key, so begin this process now. Work with your IT provider to ensure that upgrades take place well before the end of support, as it will take time to uncover all of your upgrade needs. A successful transition includes the following tactics:

• Identify machines for upgrade or replacement • Develop a timeline for upgrades and replacements • Plan for employee training to learn the new systems

For businesses with multiple machines, it’s best to utilize the services of an IT professional. They will ensure the compatibility of all programs your organization uses, that all systems are upgraded properly and that all software is working optimally.

ProActive Information Management can assist you with upgrade planning and creating a transition schedule that meets your needs. By allowing us to help you, we will implement solutions for a smooth transition. Contact us to get started!

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