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6 Signs You Need an IT Consultant

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Cindy Farmer

If you're the owner of a small business, you may be doing it all. Many times, CEO's and company owners are responsible not only for bringing in business and expanding profits, they manage many internal processes themselves, including network security.

With changing business demands, the increasingly threatening cyber landscape and the growing strategic importance of IT, CEO's and owners' responsibilities are endless with regard to network security, compliance requirements and the need to implement IT solutions. Spending so much time on day-to-day security issues, their efforts become more reactive than proactive. Strategic projects get pushed out, causing missed deadlines and quality issues.

If you're struggling under the pressure, you may need to hire an IT consultant. They help companies that lack internal security expertise, have limited IT resources or need to implement security solutions quickly. These trusted IT partners work in conjunction with you, freeing you to focus on strategic projects that affect your bottom line. Not only would a trusted IT adviser take over tedious daily tasks and improve security, they can help you plan for the future, increase your return on investment and reduce operational costs.

Consider partnering with an IT Consultant if these points resonate with you:

  1. You have future expansion plans and recognize the need for increased cyber security
  2. You need guidance in making important IT decisions and how to use information technology to meet business objectives
  3. Your IT strategy is underdeveloped, prioritizing IT needs is difficult and you have a reactive approach to IT issues
  4. Increased security demands are causing continuous IT problems and concerns
  5. Fear of a breach is causing future budget concerns
  6. Desire for decreased security risks, increased productivity and operational efficiency

By choosing carefully, the right IT consultant can alleviate the pressures and security challenges you face. They can also be a long-term business partner and a cost-effective way to manage your IT department without the staffing expense. You'll realize improved security and reduced costs, allowing you to manage more business critical issues.

IT support is critical to your business operations, but there is only so much you can do in a day. If it's time for you to take advantage of professional IT consulting and services, ProActive Information Management can help. Contact us at

At ProActive Information Management, we enhance our client's ability to deliver and achieve their business goals and objectives through technology.

People + Process = Technology

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