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Does Your Business Need a Network Audit?

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EJ Phillips

pim likes to be both predictive and proactive when it comes to taking care of your IT needs. One of the ways we do that is through a full network audit. A complete network audit on your organization’s IT infrastructure helps us to identify any opportunities for improvement and provides you with a greater understanding of any future technology investments that may be required.

Know Your IT Inventory

A network audit is the process of mapping and inventorying your IT network in terms of hardware and software. It is a complex task that involves manually identifying network devices and elements. Oftentimes, automated network auditing tools are used that can help to identify the devices and services connected to a network. A network audit looks at all the hardware and software on a network, as well as auditing security documentation such as user accounts and permissions.

A thorough network audit will also look at an organization’s plans for data back up and disaster recovery and is a foundational element of proper business continuity. download business continuity eBook

Here is what a pim network audit includes:

Network Device Scan

This tool scans all your computers onsite and online to pull reports and data. It runs from your domain controller and pulls information on user, computers, security groups, and policies in your domain. If the server is unable to scan a computer, we do require to run it on each workstation manually. There is also a cloud assessment tool that pulls the same type of data from your Office 365 environment.

Acrylic Wireless Scan

This tool scans all wireless networks in your area, including your own. A pim team member will walk around the office during these scans and thus require a blueprint of the office for completion. A fire escape plan can work as well. This scan provides data on all the wireless networks in your area so that we may recommend how best to configure yours, reducing overlap and signal weak spots.

ScalePad Reports

This tool pulls data we have collected in our Automate tool on system ages.

Manual Network Equipment Audit

This process is a hands-on manual process. A member of the pim team will walk around and take pictures of network equipment and record the age of current equipment. We also look at current configurations to include access rules, VLANS and VPN settings.

Backup and DR Audit

This process is also hands on. We record your server’s current backup jobs, settings, and backup locations. From these findings, we will discuss with you your disaster recovery plans and procedures as well as expectations.

Reasons to Consider a Network Audit: learn more about pim phishing campaigns!

  • Your business may have outdated or incomplete inventories
  • Your business may need upgrades and technology refreshes.
  • Your IT team spends a lot of time troubleshooting that interrupts your everyday operations.
  • There are changes in regulatory and compliance standards.

pim would love to help your organization by completing a network audit so that we may better meet your business needs. Our network audits include a network audit report that includes our findings so that your business can make wise decisions for budgeting and maintaining network productivity and security. Your custom network audit report will include pim’s recommendations and actionable steps you can take to address any areas of opportunities we uncovered in our audit. Whether you need to upgrade and modernize or increase your cybersecurity, a pim network audit can help your organization reach its business goals.

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